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  • Shelly is the Director of Business Development for Armada Design Center. She brings 25 years of experience in business ownership and management, strategic sales and initiatives, and developing teams of people through her enthusiasm and passion for excellence. Shelly’s proven success in strengthening organizational outcomes and building tactical partnerships enables her to create positive change in the workforce. Shelly has her degree in Interior Design and is actively involved in Industry events with NKBA, MBA, NWSID, and IDS.

    When not at work she enjoys vacationing and golfing with her husband, exploring new destinations, playing with her grand dog, Gigi, and encouraging and uplifting others to realize their full potential!

    Shelly Gillooly


  • Stephanie is the Window Coverings Specialist for Armada Design Center. She brings 20 years of experience in the Window Covering industry and has worked with many top brands. Stephanie’s success is creating a solution that flows with the lifestyle of the homeowner. As a Seattle native, she has an excellent understanding of the diverse styles in the Puget Sound from classic, to modern, to contemporary.

    Stephanie is a University of Washington Alum, she enjoys spending time with her family outdoors, biking or hiking in the beautiful Northwest.

    Stephanie Sullivan

    Window Coverings Specialist

  • From a young age, Kristina possessed an innate passion for aesthetics with a strong eye for detail and believes her biggest strength is the ability to look at any space as it is and imagine what it could be. The art of harmonizing colors, textures, and forms to create beautiful and unique spaces has always fascinated her. Kristina believes that each project is a unique opportunity to collaborate with clients and craft personalized spaces that reflect their personality, lifestyle and tell their story.

    Her design philosophy centers around the belief that the spaces we inhabit significantly impact our well-being and quality of life. Kristina is a firm believer in being authentic, genuine, intentional and always seeking to learn and improve. Her design style is timeless and thoughtful, with a touch of edge.

    When not eating, living and breathing design, you can find Kristina spending time with her kids, spoiling her grandchildren, reading and trying to finish the MANY books that she can’t stop buying, or finding her way to an antique store or estate sale and discovering that new treasure she must have. Kristina values experiences and collects moments, and is grateful and blessed that she is connected to her purpose while fully living in her passion!

    Kristina Shape-Nettles

    Cabinet & Interior Design Specialist

  • Great designs begin with a comprehensive understanding of clients’ needs and expectations. Alannah’s ability to develop client relationships based on respect, trust, and confidence has been the key to her success as the Showroom Manager. Skilled at gathering beautiful materials for a variety of budgets, styles, timeframes, and requirements, Alannah strives to fill the showroom with options for customers to use in every phase of the design process. She remains committed to cultivating valued relationships and helping clients reach the best version of their overall vision to create timeless spaces that balance colors, textures, and lighting to create spaces that reflect personalities and design needs.

    Alannah has diverse interests and earned degrees in Interior Design, Business, and Art. In her spare time, Alannah enjoys spending time kayaking, hiking, cooking, painting, ceramics, flower arranging and gardening. Helping people heal themselves through metaphysical methods and studying different techniques for healing is very important to her. She also loves exploring the area’s culture, art, and food scene, as well as traveling worldwide for experiences and inspiration.

    Alannah McKeehan

    Showroom Manager

  • Raquel is multifaceted and talented with a passion for aesthetically pleasing interiors.  She believes that these spaces can make a profound difference in people’s lives as a whole.  Raquel focuses on creating unique environments that make her customers feel at home by focusing on what they need and desire.  It is her talent to pay close attention to your vision so that she brings your personalized space to life.  She prides herself on her attention to detail, obsession with quality, and love for local craftspeople that bring an individualized experience and flair to her designs.  Raquel’s passion for nature goes beyond creating breathtaking spaces, she also enjoys being immersed in it, hiking and gathering inspiration for her future projects.

    Raquel Albrecht

    Cabinet & Interior Design Specialist

  • Jordan is the flooring specialist at the Armada Design Center.  He has years of experience in the flooring world and has studied it thoroughly by not only selling all types of materials, but also being an installer. From a young age, Jordan was involved in the remodeling industry as his father was a general contractor. Being born and raised in Seattle, Jordan has seen designs and styles change and form into what they are today. He is passionate about helping his clients achieve their dreams and ideas for their home and strives to deliver the highest quality work while seeing every project like it is his own.

    What Jordan values most outside of work is family and health, so when he is not in the showroom, he is either spending time with his son or at the gym.

    Jordan Cichy

    Flooring and Interiors Specialist

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